Updated Life List | 2014

While my life list, in its entirety, is not necessarily wholly farm related, it has been a hit in the past; leading many of you to think and talk about your own goals and aspirations whether here in the comments, in email, or simply on your own. I enjoy that, and I think you do, too. So we’ll continue the yearly tradition of posting this updated list. Happy 2014!

Sunset Hike, Northern Tanzania (October 2013)

It’s that time of year again. The time to look both forward and back; to take stock of what’s been accomplished and what still lies ahead. This is not a comprehensive list of goals, nor is it a checklist meant to be completed in full. It is, instead, a partial list of possibilities. And no year is any more appropriate representation of that than 2013. It’s a year that’s seen me back in Africa and visiting The Middle East for the first time. It’s a year that’s seen the publication of a book, and some flattering recognition of my other writing work. It’s been a year that made it possible to rebuild the breeding herd we’d previously reduced by three-quarters, and one in which the farm felt as if it was all coming together. It was, simply put, a good year. And yet very few items on the list were scratched off; very few will go down in history as having been completed in 2013. Good years, I’ve come to understand, are sometimes good in all the ways you might expect and other times they’re good in all the ways you’d never guess. I don’t know which way 2014 will be good, just that it will, in fact, be good in one way or another.

Whatever way it chooses, I’ve bolded the items I plan to work towards.

The List

Have my art in a gallery. For sale. To the public.
Run a 1/2 Marathon.Signed up for an April, 2014 race.
Run a Marathon.
Compete in a Triathlon.
Dead Lift more than my own body weight.
Open that Studio I’ve Been Dreaming Of.
Take Yoga Classes with a Certified Instructor.
Jump off a boat into really deep, dark blue, crystal clear water like no one is looking.
Meet the Dalai Lama.
Be able to retire early, but don’t for love of what I do. – Working on it.
Read the Baghavad Gita.Completed
Travel to India.
Visit an Ashram.
Vacation in and around NOLA.
Visit a Backwoods VooDoo Shop.
Eat a goat. – Completed in Tanzania. With the Maasai. Epic.
Read the Koran.
Build a Brick Oven in my Backyard.
Bake Artisan Pizzas in the Brick Oven in my Backyard.
Sew a Beautiful Quilt I Can be Proud of.Completed: 7/6/11
Eat Pasta in Rome.
Learn to Speak a Second Language.
And then a Third.
Visit a Mosque.
Visit a Hindu Temple.Completed: 9/30/11. Participated in a Garba. So. Much. Fun.
Eat Gator. As in Alligator.
Drink Absinthe.
Publish a Book. Or Five. One down. Onward and Upward!
Find Out What Town in Germany my Family is From. Drink Beer There.
Photograph 100 Female Farmers.
Attend a TED conference.
Speak at a TED conference.
Take Burlesque Dancing Classes.Completed: 7/11/11
Take a Ceramics / Pottery Class. Or ten.
Make a Useable Pickle Crock.
Make Homemade Root Beer.
Earn a Doctorate.
Win a Major Photo Contest. Like The National Geographic.
Celebrate a Mostly Handmade Holiday Season.Completed 2011.
Go a full year without consuming refined sugar.
Vacation with The Man in a small, secluded cabin in the winter.
Own a Family Milk Cow.
Make all of our own dairy products.
Appear on National Television.
Watch a Bull Fight in Spain.
Found a Non-Profit.
Eat mozzarella di bufala in Italy.
Start A Farming Podcast Series
Start A Food Politics Podcast Series

Journal Everyday for a Year
Learn to Shoot Film
Learn to Develop Film
Publish a Photo Book
Learn to Make Movies
Write a Weekly Column
Win a Pulitzer.
Be Awarded a Journalism Fellowship. Or two.
Build our farm to 100 sows. Then 200. Then 300.
See pigs in Eastern/Western Africa, North/South Asia, Eastern/Western Europe, North/Central/South America, The Middle East, Australia.
Become a Proficient Goose Hunter

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  1. I LOVE it! Diana, you have had quite an amazing year of accomplishments!! What a great list AND you have given me some new ideas that I hadn’t even thought of. Thanks for sharing! Hope 2014 is full of new adventures!

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