Thirty Days of Little Things: Pigs


She’s not so little, really; in any sense of the word. Few of them are, but I’m awfully grateful for them all the same.

This isn’t the best picture I took of her this week, of any of them, but I love it best because I can see her “talking” the way she always does as she lumbers towards me.

Pigs don’t oink so much as they bark a low, growly bark. A rhythmic “ruht, ruht, ruht.” Each of them has their own voice, a unique way of speaking just like humans do. They put emphasis on certain parts of their speech, have different tones and tempos depending on their mood.

This sow is pushing two years old, due with a litter of crossbred pigs the middle of December. I’ll admit that she’s my favorite, so long as you promise not to tell the others.

:: :: ::

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