When Worlds Collide

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Meet Mihret. One day last week this adorable little girl's mom called me about buying feeder pigs. At the time, neither of us knew we had a reason to discuss Mihret. She'd seen an ad for the pigs, one not tied to our website, and I don't make it a habit to screen potential pig [...]

Conservative Thoughts On The Fiscal Cliff & Foreign Aid thumbnail

Last summer, in a last ditch attempt at spurring the budgetary super committee to action on the crushing federal deficit, an agreement was reached in Washington D.C. That agreement -- known officially as the Budget Control Act, and unofficially as The Sequester - combined with impending tax hikes as a result of congress' inability to [...]

On The 6.8 Million

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Group Gathers for Nutrition Demo, Copyright Karen Walrond Sitting among the women (and few curious men) who'd gathered around an old desk, under a tree, in the front yard of a rural health post outside Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, I felt strangely at home. We'd all come to learn -- them about cooking, us about them [...]