ONE + Ethiopia: The Quick-and-Dirty Guide

ONE + Ethiopia: The Quick-and-Dirty Guide thumbnail

Today, something really exciting is happening for both ONE and myself. Our local newspaper, The Lansing State Journal, is featuring a front page story about ONE, my work with them, and our trip to Ethiopia. Front page! So, with apologies to those regular readers who have seen all of this before, I want to give [...]

Conservative Thoughts On The Fiscal Cliff & Foreign Aid thumbnail

Last summer, in a last ditch attempt at spurring the budgetary super committee to action on the crushing federal deficit, an agreement was reached in Washington D.C. That agreement -- known officially as the Budget Control Act, and unofficially as The Sequester - combined with impending tax hikes as a result of congress' inability to [...]

On The 6.8 Million

On The 6.8 Million thumbnail

Group Gathers for Nutrition Demo, Copyright Karen Walrond Sitting among the women (and few curious men) who'd gathered around an old desk, under a tree, in the front yard of a rural health post outside Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, I felt strangely at home. We'd all come to learn -- them about cooking, us about them [...]


Thousands thumbnail

It's not until you find a man, tucked into the picturesque folds of an Ethiopian mountainside, threshing Barley by hand, a veritable scene straight from the Bible, that you realize exactly what it takes to feed a family in the rural areas of a third world country. And it's not until the day after you [...]

Re-Entry + Favorite Scenes from Ethiopia, Part 1 thumbnail

Yesterday, after almost thirty hours of travel, I stepped foot in my own home for the first time in a week and a half. It's good to be back, but also surreal. Even the sounds of the hogs feel foreign, and today, as I drove to the mill to pick up a batch of feed, [...]