Little Things

Little Things: Love

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I've never been much of a romantic. As far as I'm concerned love is definitely not enough. It's important, it's filling, but it's just one piece of the puzzle. This week I've been reminded of how nice that particular piece of the puzzle is though. So love tops my list. Here are five Little Things [...]

Little Things: Rain

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It's wet here right now. And while I could do without all the mud that gets tracked into the house, I'm not about to complain. (And I would appreciate it if you all would remind me of that commitment if or when this precipitation turns back to snow and we're buried in the stuff.) I [...]

Little Things: Old Dogs Edition

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Having a pup around this year has reminded me how valuable old dogs really are. It's easy to take their self-sufficiency for granted, the way they just know what they should be doing and do it without being asked. I've found myself being more lax with them in their old age. I found all 190 [...]

Thirty Days of Little Things: Canines

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Because? This. This right here. :: :: :: Thirty Days of Little Things is the daily incarnation of my (mostly) weekly gratitude practice. It will run everyday throughout the month of November. It also (conveniently) coincides with NaBloPoMo. To join in tell me what you're grateful for today in the comments, or write your own [...]

Thirty Days of Little Things: Those That Have Gone Before thumbnail

Last night, I caught word on Twitter that Bob Christensen, owner of one of the biggest pork operations in the world, had passed away of a heart attack. Bob was only fifty-one, and a leader in the swine industry. Credited with essentially bringing what we now know as modern pork production to the midwest, I [...]