Super Simple Egg Sammis


To say that I am not a morning person would be an enormous understatement. The Man almost springs out of bed every morning, always at an ungodly hour, almost always before the sun. Me? I kind of roll out whenever I absolutely have to, stumble to the bathroom, stare groggily at myself in the mirror, change my mind, stumble back, and insist on falling in for “just five more minutes”.

Needless to say, breakfast can be a struggle. I don’t want to cook, or talk, or have anyone breathing in the same room as me for at least an hour. Unfortunately, the kids demand food and the powers that be demand they show up to school at a reasonable time — or else. Which means, one way or another, I have to make breakfast.

There’s cold cereal, of course, but over the years I’ve become quite the reluctant convert to The School of the Importance of Protein. My body runs best on it, my kids’ bodies run best on it. It keeps us full and helps feed our muscles — which we use, a lot around here.

These sammis — or sammiches as my Grandma would call them — are about as quick and protein packed as breakfast comes and they barely dirty any dishes (and zero pans) which makes it even better.


First, assemble your ingredients. Remember, it’s early and we hate mornings so we’ll keep this simple.

For each sammi you need one egg, one english muffin, and one wedge of Laughing Cow cheese in the flavor of your choice.

You could use cream cheese or mayo, too. Or nothing, I guess. I just like those handy dandy little wedges. Which should not be construed as a paid endorsement for the product. Unless you count me paying to buy them at the local grocery store, in which case I absolutely did.

Moving on.


You’ll also need one of these. A 1 cup glass bowl. This one is pyrex, I think. Or Anchor. Doesn’t really matter, you just need it to be this size and microwave safe.


Crack your egg into the bowl.


Be impressed with your ability to crack an egg into a bowl with one hand while taking a picture of it with your other hand without even breaking the yolk. Take a picture for prosperity.


Whip it. Whip it good.


Pop the whole thing in the microwave and nuke it on high for thirty seconds. It’ll come out looking like this. If it doesn’t? If it’s not cooked through? Nuke it a little longer. Another 30 seconds should do.


Meanwhile, toast the english muffin and spread your cheese over both halves.


Add the egg on top. It’s the perfect size!


If you’re garden’s full of deliciousness add some tomato slices. If not, that’s okay, too.


Enjoy! You can even wrap these up in a paper towel and take them on the go.

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2 thoughts on “Super Simple Egg Sammis

  1. Very impressed with your ability to crack an egg with one hand and take a photo. I suck at cracking eggs. This is my breakfast many mornings, but I need to do it in a pan with monterey jack jalapeno cheese. I like the cheese to get a little burnt/crispy, hence the pan necessity. And only ONE half of the english muffin… for those watching their carbs.

    1. I hear you on the carbs, Shannon. This is how I make them for the kids, for me it’s just the egg, tomato and cheese wedge on a plate. Being an adult sucks.

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