Rhubarb-b-que Pork Spare Ribs + Asparagus


This post is ten parts shameless food porn, to it’s one part actual recipe.

I rest assured you’ll like it anyway.


Step One: Make some Rhubarb-b-que.

Step Two: Get yourself some good pork spare ribs. They’ll be red and marbled. None of that “Other White Meat” stuff. If you’re in Michigan I can help you with this part. If you’re not, check Local Harvest for local hog farmers in your area. Trust me when I say, pay special attention to those that raise heritage breeds.

Step Three: Turn your grill up as high as it’ll go. All the burners. Let it pre-heat for ten or fifteen minutes.


Step Four: Put your spare ribs on the grill, reduce the burners to medium. Brush the top side with Rhubarb-b-que. Shut the top and allow to cook for a two to four minutes, until the outside of the meat is browned. Flip, brush the other side with Rhubarb-b-que.

Step Five: Add asparagus to grill beside ribs after the first flip. Shut the the top and allow to cook for four to eight minutes, until meat is cooked through and asparagus begins to wilt.


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