Little Things: Old Dogs Edition


Having a pup around this year has reminded me how valuable old dogs really are. It’s easy to take their self-sufficiency for granted, the way they just know what they should be doing and do it without being asked. I’ve found myself being more lax with them in their old age. I found all 190 pounds of farm dog on our bed yesterday afternoon, both of them curled up atop our quilt, snoring the day away. They were never allowed on the furniture before, but there comes a time when you see them willing to give their life for yours, their desire to serve even if their age puts limits on how effectively they can do so, and suddenly a little fur on the bed doesn’t seem so bad.

Five Little Things I Appreciate This Week:

1. Aging Mutts.

2. Classic Christmas Programming on TV. It’s just not the holidays until Rudolph graces primetime.

3. Hot tea.

4. Good Wine.

5. Small Towns.

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