Pork Recipes

Pulled Pork Tacos

One of my favorite flavor combinations is that of a good jalapeno popper. Not the kind you can buy in the grocer's freezer section and warm up in an oven, the ones that are coated in whatever sad excuse is passing for commercial breading these days. I fancy the ones you can make at home, [...]

Moroccan-Inspired Pork Stew

Moroccan-Inspired Pork Stew thumbnail

Normally the slow cooker and dutch oven are tucked away at the back of the cupboards this time of year, but it's been chilly here. For much of the last two weeks of July and all of August thus far it's felt more like mid-Autumn than late summer. With nights struggling to stay above the [...]

Smoky Pork Tacos + Apricot-Cherry Salsa

Smoky Pork Tacos + Apricot-Cherry Salsa thumbnail

It's been a while since I've shared a recipe. I'm not going to lie, The Man has been doing most of the cooking since I got back from Israel. He's good at it, but mostly relies on the things he knows. And I haven't been complaining, because I just really needed the time to re-acclimate [...]

Rhubarb-b-que Pork Spare Ribs + Asparagus

Rhubarb-b-que Pork Spare Ribs + Asparagus thumbnail

This post is ten parts shameless food porn, to it's one part actual recipe. I rest assured you'll like it anyway. Step One: Make some Rhubarb-b-que. Step Two: Get yourself some good pork spare ribs. They'll be red and marbled. None of that "Other White Meat" stuff. If you're in Michigan I can help you [...]

On Joy, Hunger & A Little Orange Super Hero

On Joy, Hunger & A Little Orange Super Hero thumbnail

When I went in search of pictures for this post it'd been at least a month since the last time I'd so much as scrolled through the folders containing the images I captured in Ethiopia. I'd forgotten how much joy there was to be had there, how much the pictures bring me now. You'd never [...]