6 Simple Ways to Celebrate Ag Day

Source: Popular Science, Oct. 1937 via Modern Mechanix

It’s National Ag Day. Clearly, as with National Pig Day, this requires raucous celebration, and I’m full of ideas. Are you ready?

1. Wear Pants. And shirts. Or dress a cow in pants. Or cover up with a blanket. Or dry off with a towel. Ag isn’t all about food, it’s about fiber, too. You could even watch this video about the first time The Pig Dog met sheep. Sheep are an important part of both food and fiber ag. (The sheep in the video are mostly just an important part of Border Collie education, but Border Collies are an important part of ag too, so it totally counts.)

2. Eat. I have lots of recipes. The pork recipes are, naturally, the best, but any of them would do. Eating is a great way to support agriculture.

3. Take Part. Plan a garden. Start some seeds. Even a tiny container garden would do. Grow food. Or loofah sponges. Or cotton. It’s all ag.

4. Have a cocktail. Or a beer. Or a glass of wine. Alcohol begins with ag, too. Grapes, barley, hops, potatoes, corn, rice, it all grows in a field somewhere.

5. Question Prevailing Wisdom. We believe strongly in a fine-tuned food future here. We want people to make wise food decisions not out of fear, but out of knowledge. Seek out a new perspective today. Maybe this one would do.

6. Thank a Farmer. If you won’t see any farmers in your real life you could do so on Twitter. Or you could look up a farmer on Local Harvest and send him or her a random email of thanks. I’m pretty certain it’d be appreciated either way.

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* Cow Pant Photo Source: Popular Science, Oct. 1937 via Modern Mechanix

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  1. Hello! I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. It is really well done and maybe one of the best Michigan blogs I’ve ever read. Thanks for all of your hard work!

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